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rldonaldson, Jan 4, 12 9:16 AM.
Real quick - check out the resources page to see who has what crew skills (hopefully they're updated).  You can also place orders for crafted items on this page - which can be viewed by kind and benevolent guild members who may decide to fill said order(s). 

Additionally, there is a widget on the bottom of the page that can be used to ask for assistance with game content - like heroic missions or flashpoints.


Image Gallery

rldonaldson, Jan 3, 12 10:11 AM.
I've uploaded a couple of images just to test out the gallery.  Obviously they're not in-game, but have a star wars theme nonetheless.  They are awfully cute though - taken when he was 2 weeks old, so he looks a little different nowadays.



rldonaldson, Dec 29, 11 10:03 AM.

We’re obviously still a very small guild – and after our City of Heroes experience, will probably remain a small guild.  However, I would like to throw things on the schedule for us to try and sign up for.  This is not intended to be a must-attend type of thing, but if it’s on a calendar it may help us with scheduling.

I know most of you have higher priorities that come well in front of gaming.  I also work; try to keep a house in order; a wife happy; and now care for a newborn.  So, I’m sure I’ll not be able to play as much or as regularly as I used to – and therefore will use the calendar as more of a suggestion rather than a mandate. 

If anyone else would like to add events, or have the ability to add events, please let me know. 


Guild Roster

rldonaldson, Dec 29, 11 8:56 AM.


I've noticed the guild roster widget displays race but not level?!?  It seems to me that the race differentiation is only cosmetic (and even in other games makes a nominal difference in stats/gameplay) whereas level is quite significant.

Not that there is anything wrong with any particular race (trying not to sound racist regarding fictional and fictitious digital avatars)…

Anyways, please remember to edit your characters once you've added them to include their crafting skills and levels.  This will populate the website's Resources tab so we can all track who can craft what - and start to place orders if desired. 




rldonaldson, Dec 28, 11 10:03 AM.
Hello and welcome to the WOOKIE MONSTERS website.  I am still trying to figure out all the tools and widgets.  Please add your guild characters to our roster and edit them to include crafting skills, specializations, etc.

Please see the event calendar to sign up for events (like flashpoints).  However, this does not preclude us from randomly forming up to do a group event.  The guild is quite small, so everything may not make the calendar beforehand.

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